Hieronder lees je wat anderen op LinkedIn over mij te zeggen hadden:


Lieven managed to create a clean and uniform whole of my on-line clutter. His typical less is more style made the message I needed to convey only stronger. On top of that it looks aesthetically pleasing as well! And this is just a start... Thanks lots Lieven!
Bert Poffé
Rewilding Drum
What I value most about Lieven as a Digital Project Manager, is his ability to apply his technological expertise to a creative idea. Besides that, he's a great and fun guy to have in your team.
Peter Ampe
Creatief Directeur, Duvalle Guillaume
At Duval Guillaume, I worked with Lieven on several challenging digital projects. Although some colleagues consider themselves as 'internal competitors', Lieven wasn't a competitor at all but a real team-player. That's because he didn't care much about who claimed the credits, he just cared about helping his colleagues and serving the clients interests. I've never heard Lieven say a creative idea is technologically impossible to realize as he knows that with the right mindset, people and tools, virtually anything is possible in a technological environment. Lieven has the capability to analyze (technical) problems extremely fast. And once he knows you're interested in a certain subject, he will happily share his knowledge and continue to do so over time by sharing article and whatever he learns about it. He likes to share ideas more than to protect them. Lieven is very well organized and manages to retrieve any information you might need in just a few moments. Last but not least, I also liked to work with Lieven because of his great sense of humor
Jan De Wulf
Working with Lieven was a real pleasure. To the point, driven and a perfect knowledge of the project. Always ready for ad-hoc fixes and long term solutions. Perfectly knows how to handle a long-term and difficult project.
Tuur De Schepper
Medewerker Marketing en Communicatie bij Stedelijk Onderwijs Antwerpen
Lieven is a very efficient, consentious worker, who has mastered time management and team spirit to a full extend. His optimism and sense of humour, added up to his professional and result-oriented attitude, makes him an highly appreciated colleague.
Sofie Peeters
ERP Consultant at Capgemini
Lieven is a no-nonsense person, with a great expertise in his area and many intrests also outside his working environment. Working with Lieven a nice experience and hopefully in the future we'll meet again.
Peter Vande Kerckhove
Senior Project Manager at Borealis
I highly recommend Lieven to manage, find and deliver the best online solutions for your needs. He is the go-to person to find out about the latest web trends and developments. He is very creative, willing to assist with any task and overall a great asset to the team.
Inge Bommerez
Communication Services Manager at Knauf Insulation
The kind of no-nonsense guy you need on a web project. Distinguishes himself by his great people skills!
Sander Van Dooren
Drupal Developer at ONE Agency
I really loved working for Lieven. With his structured way of working and keeping track of everything, it was always easy to start a discussion with Lieven about any project. As a manager he supported us generously in every way and helped where possible.
Wilfried Van Damme
Project Manager at Yappa
Lieven is a recommendable Web specialist. Working with Lieven gives you a lot of bright ideas as well as great solution to the web technology. His understanding of customer needs and turning it into userfriendly solution turns every company needs into high assets. Lieven is fast learning solution minded person with great expertise in the Web environment.
Andreas Sallaberger
Head of SharePoint Platform Operations and Collaboration Services at Clariant International Ltd
Lieven is a very strong asset for any online communication, marketing and IT department, has well-built investigative, analytic, managerial skills and his ability to structure and explain complex matters in a simple way makes any project and tasks in his ownership professional delivered with high quality as a result.
Peter Stern
Senior Team Coordinator at MAN Diesel & Turbo
Lieven inspired much of the web profiling of Water for the World. He doesn't just master web work, social networks and other Google ads tools but on top - and even more importantly - he has the people skills to get others on board, stimulate thoughts and share your ideas. And thanks to him I am a little more literate than I was before!
Sylvain Lhôte
Vice-president European Government Affairs at Alcoa
With Lieven on your team, you always get the job done and more importantly done well and correct. He is highly organized, has great follow through, asks the right questions and has done his homework and knows the right answers. I enjoy working with Lieven because he's intelligent, a visionary and always challenges me and his other team members. He's creative and his knowledge is ahead of the curve. I would highly recommend Lieven.
Jeryl Turner
Senior Communications and Marketing Consultant